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eat more plants

Healthy × ethical × sustainable


"Eat food, not too much & mostly plants."

- michael pollan


We are striving for the most sustainable, conscious, moral and nutritious way of eating. 

For us, that means mostly plants and very little processed foods (including animal products). We’ve added some free-range meat or fish options on our menu to accommodate those flexitarians out there, as we realise not everyone’s journey is the same. Creating an awakening in the consciousness of how your meal came to be on your plate is already a massive step towards a healthier,  sustainable, cruelty-free life. 

So, whether you are vegan, vegetarian, banting, paleo or just trying to make small healthier, more moral and eco-friendly choices everyday, remember that in the end there are no rules. Eat what makes you feel strong and in a way that makes you feel proud of what you are putting in your body.



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24 Central Centre, 6 Gwen Lane, Sandown
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The Zone, 177 Oxford Road, Rosebank
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Lexi Monzeglio

Lexi Monzeglio

So Who's Lexi?

Lexi is a plant-based chef coming from a bit of a rollercoaster career background. Lexi started out as a designer, moving her way up the advertising ladder eventually moving over to a marketing management position in a corporate financial news agency. She soon realized a life behind a desk was not for her and she started working on a sneaky strategy to move into the food industry.

Her little blog Plant Life had already given her a keen eye for food styling so she quit her corporate job to start freelancing doing food styling, photography and recipe development. A few years in the game and she decided to study a plant-based culinary course through the esteemed Matthew Kenney PlantLab correspondence programme and that gave her the confidence to take the next step and start pop-up restaurants, stalls at markets and catering.

Lexi always loved cooking for people, and even more so when she could surprise people with healthy, plant-based food and change the perception that it always has to be bland and boring.

When she met her business partner it was like the stars had aligned in a serendipitous twist of fate. The two of them are the perfect pair and together maintain that delicate balance needed to manage this big dream. So Lexi has opened her first (of, hopefully, many) plant-based, healthy eatery and it sits in the heart of the business hub in Sandton, Johannesburg.


ADDRESS 24 Central Centre, 6 Gwen Lane, Sandown
EMAIL info@lexiseatery.com
TEL 083 300 1210


ADDRESS The Zone, 177 Oxford Road, Rosebank
EMAIL info@lexiseatery.com
TEL 083 385 5823


ADDRESS Flamingo Junction, Cnr Queens St and Valley Rd Modderfontein
EMAIL info@lexiseatery.com
TEL 083 300 1281